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Marine Biology Marine biology is the branch of biology that deals with organisms living in the sea. It embraces a very diverse group of sub sciences, both basic and applied. Marine biology requires a marine science degree but most students specialize in many biology with a masters or PhD qualification. (Kuder 4). Many people study marine organisms all over the word. Biologists know less about the life in the sea than on land or in fresh water (Burkett 2). Marine biology is closely related to the science of oceanography because both deal with the features of the ocean and the living organisms that dwell in them. Marine biologist’s main purpose is to study the way marine organisms live in their natural habitat. Theses studies include various chemical and physical properties of the seawater, to the movements of currents in the ocean, to the solid surfaces that make up the sea floor, and lastly the availability of light at various depths (Burkett 8). Marine biology as an organized science had its beginnings largely in a series of brilliant oceanographic expeditions by the British. The greatest of these voyages was the HMS challenger. (1872-1876) The challenger expedition traveled 69,000 miles collecting data from 362 stations and describing 4,717 new species of marine organisms (Burkett 26). Since World War II, the study of marine organisms has greatly improved. This has been made possible by the usage of underwater cameras, televisions, computers, and improved diving equipment and vehicles. Only about 300,000 marine species have been described so far; conservative’s estimates suggest that there are at least 5 times the number still to be identified and liberal estimates suggest there are at least 30 to 40 times the number (Day 145). Marine biology is often offered as a bachelors degree program. Colleges and universities offer a range of degrees in marine biology from an associate’s degree to a doctorate (Kuder 11). Students usually attend schools that are near the ocean so they can carry out their observations of marine life in their natural habitats. It is recommended that students should spend an entire semester studying while at sea. Also, marine biologist majors may also want to think about attending a school located near an aquarium where they may be able to complete an internship. By attending an internship students can gain valuable work experience and can also help them establish future contacts (Crist 16). Although, becoming a marine biologist is