Marine Biologist Career Paper

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I am writing about three possible job careers that I could see myself going into they are marine biologist, fraud investigator, and underwater welder. When somebody asks me what I want to be when I grow up I answer them marine biologist. When I think about marine biologist I think about the ocean and all of the wonders and mystery that it could hold. The earth is 71% water and is always changing. That is always something knew that someone can learn in the oceans. With the fraud investigators I never really knew what they could do. I just thought the insurance company had a computer that would tell that the person had done something that they weren’t told. With the underwater welder i really never thought about how different items like bridges or pipes were set up underwater, and that welding couldn’t take place …show more content…
Marine biology has always been one of my favorite things to learn about because marine life in my opinion can teach us many thing about life. Marine biologists can get paid anywhere from $68,000 - $78,000 per year, which boils down to about $34.56 an hour (Insider Info.) Many people that are brand new to marine biology think that they can get the proper schooling and then choose an animal that they want to study and can jump in and study it (Becoming.) In order to get anywhere in marine biology employers look for is an advanced background in mathematics and computer skills. But there also should be additional courses in animal and aquatic sciences. The field of marine biology is a highly competitive one. The supply of jobs handed out by the government in this career is even more limited. More and more universities are offering classes in fisheries or wildlife management, another important aspect of the study of fish, marine, mammals, and sea turtles. Colleges and private research laboratories are set up around the world for other biologists can consult with each other on new