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Emma Drew
Career Prep 3rd pd.
August 30, 2014
Future Decisions My career goal for the future is to be a marine biologist. I know that there are several things that I must do both now and in the future to accomplish this goal. My hard work and dedication are both going to pay off one day when I am traveling the world’s oceans studying the marine life that lives in them. The decisions I make every day will determine whether or not I reach the goal I have set for myself. The decisions that I am making today that will affect my ability to accomplish my goal include studying, making a’s in math and science courses, and being present in school so that I can learn all that I can for future college courses. Studying is a crucial part of making good grades so that I can graduate with honors and get a good scholarship to a community college or four year university that offers a major in marine biology. Making all a’s in my math and science courses will benefit me because that is a lot of what marine biologists use. I will also need to be present at school and in class so that I can learn the things I will need to know to do well in my high school classes. The first thing I must do to reach my goal is graduate from high school, preferably with honors. The next thing I will need to do is earn my bachelor’s degree in marine biology. If I go to a community college, I will need to transfer to another college to finish the remainder of my four years. During the third year of my bachelor’s degree, I will need to find an internship in marine biology so I can gain some first-hand experience in the field. After graduating with my undergraduate degree, I will qualify for an entry-level position as a marine biologist. I can pursue a master’s degree or a doctorate if I choose to help work my way up the ladder of employment opportunities. There are no specific tests that a marine biologist must pass to work in their