Marine Biology Essay

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The field of Marine Biology is a very adventurous career because it has so much to offer. What exactly is Marine Biology? It is not just people who train dolphins to do flips in front of an audience. It is much more than that. Marine biology can be defined as the scientific study of marine life. From their swimming patterns, their eating habits, their breeding cycles and their habitats, all of this is studied by different Marine Biologists. Unlike many other careers where one may feel trapped, Marine Biology is more of a creative and fun job to have because there are so many things to study and work with. There are so many amazing opportunities. The options are simply endless. One may think that in order to become a Marine Biologist, they must major in Marine Biology. However, that is not necessarily true. When picking a college, instead of trying to find a college with a marine biology program, pick a college that has a strong science and writing program. Then later on in the future, take some extra Marine Biology courses. There are some colleges that offer Marine research such as UC Santa Cruz, and University of Hawaii. Not all Marine Biologist have their degree in Marine Biology, most in just Biology itself. Marine Biologists study life from tiny little micro organisms under a microscope to massive whales roaming the waters. There are millions of creatures that occupy the ocean, and many of them we have not yet discovered. Since this job is so broad, most researchers select a particular area of interest and specialize in it. This is usually done during college, one may come across an area that grabs their attention and they become very interested in. Or they may pick one that brings in a bigger salary. Usually that is the one they end up going with. These specializations can be based on particular species, group, behavior, ecosystem, or technique. Choosing a category may be difficult, but once it is done the job can get started. Marine Biology can be studied in many different ways, using various techniques. Technology