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Marine Pollution
Karla Maddox

My trip:
I took a trip to the beach recently to help clean up the trash. I used gloves to make sure I didn't get anything on my fingers or get any contamination of some sort. Before I walked along the shore, I made sure I had enough trash bags to fill up. Overall, my trip was successful. I categorized the trash so that I could make a chart and study it extensively and figure out exactly the trash got to the shore. I will also explain and give tips on how to stop or limit pollution. Name of trash


Plastic cup

Trash bag



Solid waste

Solid waste

Solid waste

Solid waste

How I believe it got there

Someone was
People needed drinking out of it to cool off

Carries for food

off of plastic bottles Potential damage? Toxic to the marine life itself

Toxic because it doesn’t break down

could suffocate or be injested

tcan cause intestinal injury Type of pollution Pet waste

Yard waste

Cigarette butts


This is usually caused by pet owner’s not taking after their pets while they walk them.

People are irresponsible and throw their yard clippings near or in the water. They are flicked off of a persons hand onto sand or the ocean water. Gas fertilizers are common because they are sprayed and it will entirely penetrate the water. Point of origin

How we can stop or limit pollution:
We need to be more responsible in