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5 January 2010
Rough Draft In the United States, the Marine Corp is the best trained military unit. They are strong, persistent, devoted, and exciting. Marines strive to be the best, while taking “no” and “can’t” out of their vocabulary during their training. *The Marines are such a successful and powerful force because of what they are put through during boot camp. People like to think of Marines as a last resort, over Army or Navy. Becoming a U.S. Marine is not the end of your life, but a new beginning. It brings new opportunities to not only ones self, but the people around you. Being part of the service offers a new start to people who are having trouble, or those who truly want to devote his or her self to the country. It gives a person a chance to erase the old in life, and start something new and great. A private’s life is reborn and more open to the wonderful things life can bring. I picked this topic because of my family history of people joining the armed forced. I am proud of them for taking such a giant step in life, and doing one of the hardest jobs in America. Another reason is because of my deep interest in my country’s nation defense system. Until I did more research, I never fully understood the difference between the different units of defense such as the Army, Navy, and Air force. I picked the Marines as the best trained unit of the U.S. armed forces because of what they have to go through to progress through their military career, and what they have to do to get there in the first place. For what they do for our country, and how much they have to change their own lives for the sake of us, I give them great respect. I respect those who enlist and for people who want to give themselves a better life and have no other way. They have more opportunities to make our country a better place, to protect the people around them, and to make themselves physically and emotionally stronger people. To get more information on becoming a U.S. Marine it is very easy and extremely accessible. The best way is to find a local recruiting center and gather information about it. There are representatives who a person can speak to get and ask the questions he or she may have. The people in the recruiting office will take an interested person step by step on how to become a Marine. Once a person makes the decision to join, they give you a waiting period to get him or her ready for the boot camp experience. A recruit can wait up to six months before packing up and going to training. During this time, the Marines send a person through a few tests. *They perform health screening, to detect any diseases and treat them, a psychiatric test, and an IQ test. *If the recruit doesn’t do well, the Marines are there to help the person study and pass the second time. *For boot camp, there are only two choices: San Diego, California or the recruit training depot at Parris Island, South Carolina. Where a recruit ends up largely depends on where the recruit enlists his or herself. *Those who enlist west of the Mississippi River will likely go through boot camp in San Diego, while those to the east will go to Parris Island. *There is only one boot camp to train women for the Marines and that is in Parris Island. It has been said time and time again by former Marines that Marine Corp recruit training was the most difficult thing they ever had to do in their entire lives. *Without a doubt, Marine boot camp is more challenging—both physically and mentally—than the basic training of any other military force. In order to train the world’s most elite fighting force, it has to be that way. Not only are the physical requirements much higher, but the recruits are demanded