Maritain Colony in the Making Essay

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The Beginning

1. Who founded the Colony?
The colony was founded by Sir Louis Cornelius
2. Why was the Colony founded?
My colony was founded to put a permanent foothold here on Mars
3. How were colonists chosen?
The colonist where chosen by a volunteering of skill basically when you apply you tell us your talent and how it will help us. The good thing is that all the people were volunteers so we didn’t force anyone to come to mars.
4. Initial number of colonists?
We originally had 250 colonists embark on a 2.5 year journey to Mars.
5. What supplies the colonists needed to bring?
We asked that the colonists bring
Sleeping bags
Oxygen masks/tank
A way to dispose of the waste
And last a way to entertain them self’s on the trip
6. How will the colony be governed?
The colony will be overseen by Sir Louis Cornelius Who makes the laws?
The laws will be made by Governor Annabeth Chase Who enforces the laws?
The sheriff will be Oliver Stone
The Middle
What is the location of the colony?
I would put my colony under a volcano so that we are safe from any harmful plant side environment damage.
What natural resources are available?
The natural resources we use are the geothermal energy that we harness and store in capsules for later use.
How will the colony support itself – how does it make money?
The colony supports itself by harnessing and using there geothermal energy.
What types of jobs have to be done for the colony to survive?
We have 3 jobs that are necessary for the colony to survive and they are
1: miners
2: farmers
3: Defenders How many people for each job?
Miners: 83
Farmers: 83
Defenders: 84 Who supervises the work?
We usually assign groups of 6 and the most able minded one among them will supervise them When does the work occur?
The work occurs when the supervisor wakes his men up usually around 6:00 AM and then they work 12 hour shifts and then the men get a 2 hour break then the reserve will kick in and take the shift until the shift is over.
Do you have slave labor? Why or Why not?
We do not have slave labor because like I told you all the colonists are volunteers none of the colonists will have to work against their will because they chose to be here and to help colonize mars.
How are things paid for within your colony?
Things are paid by people who are selling their geothermal…