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First off I want to say the Maritime Security has been tapped into less than 50% of the market. Each day more and more shipping companies are turning to Armed Security when operating in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden due to insurance pressure. This includes areas in the Red Sea and Suez Canal.
The International Maritime Organization is the UN of Maritime Operations and governs the international waters by century old laws. Just the past year they have authorized armed guards on ships operating in Somali Pirate waters.
What I would like to cover are the: 1. Considerations for the Solicitation process 2. Agents 3. Shipping Weapons from United States into theater 4. Operations in theater 5. Major Shipping Companies 6. Suggestions
The major factor to consider first is that the shipper, as in the customer to the shipping company will pay up to the maximum of $60,000.00 to ship his goods in the Pirate area of operation toward security. Normal duration of operation is 10 days. South of Mombasa Kenya the charges drop due to a lesser threat at $40,000.00 and the threat goes down to Maputo Mozambique and Toliara Madagascar. With this said the breakdown should include: 1. Pay for TL and guards 2. Flights cost required to move where ships debark 3. Weapons 4. Transporting of weapons by air 5. Custom charges in various countries/VISA 6. Agent charges 7. Hotel and meal charges for the team while waiting for a vessel
a. Most companies pay for expats is 450 dollars a day on ship and ½ pay in transit or in hotels waiting for their vessel. Most companies use 4 expats. When I say most companies I am talking about every company except mine, they use 1 expat and 3 Ukrainians. The Ukrainians pay is standard one month salary of $2,000.00. I can help get Ukrainian guards if need be. Ukrainian guards maybe an asset because a lot of shipping crews are Ukrainian.
Expats departing from the United States will need flights into theater and back to home of record when checking in. Teams at times will have to fly air in theater to a debarkation location. At the debarkation a VISA will be required. The Agent will inform you of what is needed. Also when departing the USA ensure all expats have a return ticket. Average deployment days are 1 and 2 months. Paul I will email you my itineraries my company uses, they are using Griffin Americas for our travel reservations.
The company chose the weapons it wants to purchase but must be 5.56 to 7.62 calibers. So make and model can vary, this company uses Bushmaster AR15 .223/5.56. Transporting ammunition cannot exceed 5 kilos per box. In my case we had binoculars, radios with chargers, vests and cleaning kits, we had to take all magazines out and weight them individually.
Transportation of weapons by air will be covered below.
Charges vary, I only know that Djibouti is 60 dollars and Egypt is 15 dollars. I am sure all we need to do is look online and see how much each country needs. I do know since all the countries agreed to support the anti-piracy in an IMO meeting since we work in that field expedites visas.
Agent Charges
I will try to find out but will vary for what we are doing, as in staying in hotels and food to just movement to the ship through the port authorities.
Hotel and Meals
Hotels serve breakfast with the price of the room and arrangements are made with the nearest restaurants to feed the security team and the bill sent back to company HQ for payment, my company says eat and drink what we like but beer and alcohol is on the team. Charges for meals are cheap in poor countries and more expensive in others. Will have to do the research and ask the agent to help, they normally have a hotel for expats doing maritime that has internet at a minimum, all should have a gym and if possible a pool, hot areas.
Paul I sent you the POC list of agents I was