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Marketing Project
Comm 224/4/I - Marketing

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction 3
II. Identification of New Product/Service 3 Our Sources 3 Our Product 3 Product Success 4
III. Macro-Environmental Impacts on Sales 4 Demographic Macro-Environmental Factors 4 Economic Macro-Environmental Factors 4 Cultural Macro-Environmental Factors 5 Natural Macro-Environmental Factors 5 Technological Macro-Environmental Factors 6 Political Macro-Environmental Factors 6
IV. Segmenting and Targeting 7 Identification of Two Potential Target Markets 7 The Target Market That Will be Pursued 7
V. Secondary Data and Sales Potential 8 Our Two Potential Sources of Secondary Data 8 Explanation of Reasons for Using a Particular Source 8 Estimate of Potential Sales for Product/Service 8
VI. Marketing Mix 10 Product 10 Pricing 11 Place 12 Promotion 12
Bibliography 14
Appendix 1 15
Appendix 2 17
Appendix 3 18
Appendix 4 20
Appendix 5 23
Appendix 6 24

Fast food restaurants serve over 60 million North Americans everyday. Because of today’s fast paced lifestyle, people are willing to spend more on quick service restaurants in order to save valuable time. However, 23.1% of Canadians are claimed to be overweight and this is causing a trend towards healthy eating1. Lunch Box will be providing a hybrid of a service and a product, as an organic deli-like fast food provider. In addition, the customer’s selection of organic foods ranging from sandwiches to snacks would be packaged into lunch boxes for personal touch.2

Identification of a New Product

Our Sources
1st Source: McDonald’s Ads3
Known for its fast yet unhealthy meals, McDonald’s has been ploughing ahead of its competitors by catching the trend of consumers’ preferences in healthy eating habits. They are restructuring their menu towards this change in lifestyle and succeed in penetrating through the market. We used this source to guide our ideas of healthy and convenient services.
2nd Source: Personal Observation
We noticed that many JMSB students rarely bring lunches from home. We would like to create a sense of homeliness and make childhood memories come alive and flow through the mind of our customers, thus imbuing them with emotional satisfaction as well as fulfilling the need of healthy food. Our Product
Lunch Box is a fast service chain that will help busy students and workers to have a daily proper food intake during their fast-paced life. We provide meals, beverages and snacks that people can choose to their own liking. It will then be packaged, to make it easier for the customers to carry at the point of payment. This will allow commuters with no time to prepare a healthy lunch to have a proper daily food intake. This business can be found near school areas, offices and metro stations. It will sell to students and workers through lunch areas that can be found on strategic places, therefore potentially attracting more customers. We will have a variety of salads, snacks, meals and beverages counters to help the customers create a lunch that will satisfy their needs.4

Our Success
Many fast food industries are gaining popularity by offering a quick service. However, not many offer healthy meals that are suitable for the customers’ needs. Nowadays, people are more aware of healthy eating. The Consumer Perceptions of Food Safety and Quality survey has shown that 31% of Canadians considered nutrition as the most important issue when purchasing their food in 2006.5 In addition, 51% of Canadians agree that making a healthy food choice is important, though they find it is hard to do so.6 Also, research has shown that consumers want their meals to be prepared faster as