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Religion 200
Mark and Luke Reflection Paper In the Access Bible there are many stories included in the New Testament. The stories of Mark and Luke are similar stories written about Jesus. Mark and Luke both talk about the birth and death of Jesus Christ. They also talk about the stories of Easter and Christmas. Although, the book Luke is based on Mark the stories are altered from one another in some way. In the book of Mark, it starts off talking about John the Baptizer. People from all over Jerusalem went to get baptized so their sins were forgiven. When he baptized Jesus he recognized him as him being the son of God. After Jesus was baptized, he went out to the wilderness where he was tested by Satan for forty days. Jesus then goes and performs miracles and heals people. Eventually Jesus and his ministry reach the ruler of Galilee, King Herod Antipas who was against the work that Jesus was performing. The priest also did not like his works and eventually arrested him. The Roman governor agrees that they can crucify him. After being killed Jesus appears to resurrect from the dead. I find this story interesting because Jesus was the son of God and performed many miracles however, still some people failed to see that he was the son of God. They instead thought he was a threat to the Christian religion. I also, think that it’s weird that Jesus can perform some miracles, but not others. I feel that since he was the son of God that God would have saved him from being crucified. Although the book of Mark and Luke are similar they start off in different ways. The book of Luke begins with the birth of John and Jesus. First, it explains how Zechariah and Elizabeth had been trying to conceive a child and were unable to do so. One day an angel named Gabriel came to Zechariah and told him his wife was going to conceive a baby. However, Zechariah did not have a lot of faith in the news that was given to him. Since he did not trust Gabriel’s word, the angel made it so he could not speak until their child was born. The angel then visited the Virgin Mary and told her she was going to give birth to the son of God. After Jesus was born he was presented at the temple the Jewish prophets, Simeon and Anna knew he was sanctity of Christ. This book also included John baptizing Jesus and the unsuccessful test by Satan. After returning he begins his ministry by preaching about God and performing miracles. Some things emphasized in this book but not the other was Jesus’s forgiveness to sinners, the Passover and the explanation to the disciples that giving is better than receiving. Just like the book of Mark Jesus was crucified and resurrected. However, the story of resurrection is not the same in each book. I think it is interesting that people can tell