Mark Coffm A Short Story

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The first time I met Mark Coffman was a year and couple of moths away.e said the relationship between her sister, son nieces and others were terrible even when he tried to cover Marks attitude, behavior and manners were impeccable, he seem generous, kind an a completely a good human. I was in loved with the idea of my mom and a nice person like Mark being together, Also Mark was really nice with us. After a couple of months Mark proposed the idea my mom and him marrying and then going to United states all together and becoming and incredible family. With a promise of a nice house 3 loving brothers and a man who was peaceful and loved my mom. But this wasn't the case.

At the begging he would clean cook and admire everything we did, but after a couple of moths his true self started appearing. Everything started when we started knowing the truth about everything. Mark said many lies like he was a successful architect but in reality he was an unemployed constructor, that we had 3 new brothers but they didn't really know about us and they weren't really happy with the idea. Among the lies of him being reach, peaceful , and generous we fall for his invented fairytale. Our lives were nothing like we expected, my mom paid his taxes, bills, rent and else, but my mom was happy.
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Some days he would get up complain and brusquely position things, he would also critique our food taste, the way we cooked, clean, do thing and even speak. I understand Mark didn't know any Spanish but it was hard for us to always speak english and express what we truly felt, but Mark didn't