Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

Words: 603
Pages: 3

In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, the main character, Christopher had many things he had to deal with through with this book. Christopher grew and changed through the events that he faced. The reasons that he has changed through these events that he found out that his mom is still alive and that she left Christopher and his father, he has the strength and courage to actually run away from his father to live with his mother, and learns everyone makes mistakes in their lives even if they are his parents.
First, Christopher grows and changes by finding out that his mother is still alive and left Christopher and his father after Christopher thought she was dead for a long time. An example is “I hope you don’t stay angry with me angry forever. And I’d love it if you were able to write me a letter(but remember to send it to the new address!)” Ch.149, p.98. He finds the letter in his father’s room and after Christopher read the letter he is confused. Later he questions if this is his mother and later he investigates more letters in his father’s room and realizes his mother is alive. Another example is that in the letter it said “And it broke my heart, but
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A supporting detail is “ I never meant to lie. I just thought… I just thought it was better if you didn’t know… that...that... I didn’t mean to... I was going to show them to you when you were older” Ch.157, p.114. Christopher is learning that his father lied to him and learns everyone including his father has made mistakes in their lives. Another supporting detail is “He said I was being selfish and that I was never to set foot inside the house again. So I haven’t. But I have written you these letters instead.” Ch.157, p.109. Christopher’s mother did not think that Christopher and his father wanted her around and instead she left and she knew that the decision that she made was a