Mark Mathabane Character Analysis

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The world is wrapped in venom. Villains like Poison Ivy from Batman exist all over the Earth. These villains are the oppressors doing what they do best, destroying those who appear different. However, for every single villain there is a courageous hero to defeat them. A hero not afraid to stand up and utilize his or her powers to take down these villians. These heroes will need unity, strength, will, sacrifice, education, hope, and love to win their battles. They must be prepared to take action through protests and rebellion. These heroes and their powers are the keys to overcoming oppression worldwide.
A key power said heroes possess is the feeling of hope. Hope is the main reason people are willing to withstand their current hardships or harsh conditions. Hope has the power to remind people that they are “the master of [their] fate and the captain of [their] soul.” (Henley).
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It is a lesson that they learn from the other influences in their lives. Although there is still hope for those who have been encompassed in this feeling. It is possible to unlearn hatred. Mark Mathabane is a perfect example of a man who has learned these lessons. As a young child his hatred was fueled by the intimidation and violence that white police officers had shown him. He hated when his mother and father were dragged away from him, therefore he hated the men who took them. His mother however was able to teach him that nothing ever comes out of hating, “But miracles can be achieved through the power of love.” (Mathabane). Mark was stunned that this woman who had all the reason in the world to hate just simply did not. His mother knew that her hate would just fuel theirs in return. It would turn into a never ending cycle and no revisions would be made. Not until someone chooses love anyway. There cannot be an overthrow of oppression if no one first learns the power of love and