Mark Ryden

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Contemporary art, considered to stem from the 1970s to present day, has brought upon the influence of many artists on the modern art scene. Being the current and broadest art movement, contemporary art envelops an infinite number of unique art styles and works. Among the influential artists of this movement are illustrator and ongoing painter, James Jean, and the established painter Mark Ryden. These artists, although work in different forms of art, share striking similarities in their lives and experiences, style/work/ design and technique. These similarities, and their differences, can be seen through analysis of their early art to present work. James Jean, age 36, is a Taiwanese born artist best known for his gallery and commercial work. James was raised in New Jersey, USA and followed an artist path all …show more content…
He began incorporating meat in his pieces because of the disassociation between the meat we consume and the being that it comes from. Mark stated that it was the contradiction that brings him back to incorporating meat in his art [3]. Consistent with the pop surrealist movement,Mark uses very bright colours, but often desaturates many of them to blend them into the overall piece. Many of his pieces contain very small details which make up the arrangement, and can only be seen with focus to the many aspects of the painting.. His work in surrealism is very different, as he often creates portraits of people with fantasy-esque features, exhibiting large imaginative eyes and exaggerated facial features. The heads of his portraits are often significantly larger than the bodies, which is common in surrealist paintings. The two artists focus heavily on current events and issues in Western society, and this can easily be seen in James and Mark’s present-day