Mark Twain Is An American Author Born In Florida Essay

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Mark Twain is an American author born in Florida, Missouri by the name of Samuel Clemons. He is the sixth out of seven children, and at the age of four his family moved to Hannibal a town on the banks of Mississippi River. This town is what inspired and influenced many of his writings. His childhood experiences influenced his writing by them being based off of Realism, speaking of slavery, and lastly the uniqueness of the characters. Mark Twain was a realist of his time, and he shows this in his writings. For example in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” he shows how child morals and actions clash with those of the society, which is one of the obstacles he faces in his childhood. Mark Twain lived an adventurous life; he worked as shipmen on the Mississippi which influenced al the scenes and places in his writing which are all real. The Mississippi River which is symbolized to be the way to freedom is a real river which helps in exploring real issue of the necessity of the freedom of people. Twain grew up in Missouri, a slave state. His father trades slaves his Uncle owned 20 slaves; Twain witnessed slavery first-hand as a child. He also witnessed a savage murder of a slave in his hometown. Surprisingly these experiences led to anti slaver views in his writing. In “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” Twain conveys ,Jim is not an extraordinary or special slave, but that he is just like any other slave. By giving a real slave, Twain shows slaves are just like any other people. The racist and hateful contempt which existed at the time is at many times present. But, it is vital for the reader to recognize that Twain throughout the novel disputes these ideas. Lastly his