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Savannah Cooper
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AP English III
1 November 2013
Mark Twain’s Great Novel Samuel Clemons, also known as Mark Twain, was born on November 30, 1835 in the border state of Missouri although he was raised around the Mississippi River. He became a printer, working in many different states before becoming a steamboat pilot later on in his life. Samuel Clemons was a steamboat pilot in many southern states and we can see his southern background even in his writing. Mark Twain was motivated by a few things to write The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These motivators include, the novel being based on his own life and the southern slavery issues as well (Gribben). Indeed Mark Twain based the main character on himself, a boy with extreme integrity who believed in the right thing to do even when most of society did not agree. Twain’s personal life dramatically began to spiral out of control. Many disastrous events were occurring such as his wife being very ill, losing his first child after only nineteen months of life, and also several financial issues on top of all that. Throughout all the madness and chaos of Twains life, he continued to devote himself to writing. Twain’s writing clearly reflects his depression and hectic life at that time (SparkNote Editors). Another main reason for writing his most famous book was to reflect on the southern slavery going on during that time. Twain focused greatly on the slavery institution and incorporated this in while writing this book. Twain felt obligated to include in his book why he did live in an area that engaged in slavery and he wrote about this in the book as well. The book has been said to leave no character unaffected by