Mark Twain Research Paper

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10 October 2012
Mark Twain Mark Twain was a world renowned novelist and a beloved American Writer. He wrote things about what was happening in the world around him and is also a huge part of American Literature. Although Mark Twain is a famous novelist his home life, background/achievements, and greatest accomplishments are what made him who he is today. Mark Twain was more than the man we all know. For one thing, he was born as Samuel Langhorn Clemens on November thirtieth eighteen thirty-five and given the nickname “Little Sam.” In addition, his birthplace was “a two-room frame house in Florida…Missouri” (Cox, 7) to a John and Jane Clemens. After reaching the age of eighteen he took on an
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In addition, this eulogy shows the fondness he had towards his daughter, ultimately showing she was his favorite daughter, he described “her as being ‘full of fire’” (News, 1). His occupation changed later on in his life. Therefore, he had begun to write his works “under the pen name of Mark Twain” (Synopsis, 1). In addition to all his greatest accomplishments, he had obtained the title of a sailboat pilot, novelist, journalist, lecturer, entrepreneur, and inventor. Among everything, his greatest accomplishment was him himself. Today, Twain is known for his popular works, or greatest accomplishments, thus making him a huge character for American Literature. What made him so great is through his experiences growing up, his background, and what he achieved that made up his motivation and within his works he writes of some of his incidents, his opinions, and similar adventures. All-in-all, Mark Twain may have believed his novels were his greatest achievements, but the true answer to that is what he created as himself – a legend.
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