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The Present Market and its Nature towards Children’s Films in India
This market analysis is proposed to focus on children’s films and its business scope in the future in India. Children's films come in several major forms like realism, fantasy, animation, cartoon, musicals, and literary adaptations. These films are meant for the children aged between 3 and 15 as per Children’s film society of India (CFSI) description.
Children’s films are considered as one of the weakest business genres in India till date, because most of the movies produced from the beginning to recent past are only predestined for adults and family audience. But now in present days it has been shrinking more to entertain only the adult audience.
As per a recent article by Dinamalar Tamil news paper in 28th December 2013 give details that majority of the family audience have lost their interest to watch movies in the theatres, there are several reasons behind, one of the very important reasons is watching movies in theatre has become an expensive afire, as the ticket rate is minimum 120 Rs in all the big cities in India which is higher than a common man’s per day salary, the affordability to buy tickets for the whole family is definitely a plug. So eventually it is only the adult audiences who can afford to watch movies in theatre since they are pretty much individuals. The movie makers are left with only one choice of attracting younger audience towards theatres and it is the main big reason for why the children’s films are almost in the state of extinguish in India.

The Market Size and its Future Growth
India is the second biggest populated country in the world and every year it produces more than 1,000 movies in various languages from Bollywood (Hindi) to kollywood (Tamil), according to The Wikipedia India was ranked first in terms of annual film output, it counts only the movies which were seen a theatrical release, followed by Hollywood and Chinese films with the revenue of $ 2 billion, which is equal to 100 billons in Indian Rupees.

The adolescence population is massive in India when the overall population of the country is nearing 1.23 billons as of 2011 census, The reason for the statement “India is one of the very youngest countries in the world” said by former Indian president Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam in small school function in Jan 20th 2013 is because of this, 32% of the total population is aged from 0 to 14 and that is really a big number. There is also a valid reason for film makers to be concentrating to attract adult audience because 63% of the total population of India is aged between 15 and 64, and it is the population of some of the small countries in the world.
With this figures it is very clear that India has an enormous size of ‘kiddies club’ across all the levels of the society and the children of India deserve a dedicated film genre, a separated special category to entertain them and educate them the moral values, this can be done by one mass media called “Film”. Market for Children’s films has an unexplored potential in the present and bright business in the future.
The UK box office report for the top 20 films released in the UK and Republic of Ireland 2011 by the UK film council (BFI) figures shows that 5 out of 20 top box office hit movies are belong to the genre of children’s film. In comparison with the population of India the whole UK covers only very less than 1/4th of Indian population. But in the box office collection of UK the contribution of children films is more than 1/4th of the total collection, which is a very impressive numbers. When country like UK which is very small in population can make good business out of children centric films, why cannot a country with huge younger population accomplish the business out of children centric films?.

Lack of Understanding and Misconceptions on Film genres
Most of the present day production houses and active studios in India do not