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Market Analysis Summary offers a unique service which is essential in today's dual-income and single parent households. An increasing number of families are becoming more dependent on dual incomes. This dependency is directly having less time to care for their children, hence opening the door to services aimed at caring for the children. Here is where comes in providing a safe and reliable transportations services for children.
Market Segmentation will be meeting the local Boston city's need for child transportation services. The initial market strategy will be aimed at students attending elementary and secondary schools.'s primary market are children off all ages up to 18 years old not attending college. This is how the population 18 years an d older is broken down.

This is how the population 18 years and younger is broken down compared to the entire Boston population.

Elementary and Secondary Schools
Boston's school district is one of the nation's 60 largest. Boston spends nearly 30 percent of its annual budget on school matters, and its system excels in special education classes. The Boston School Committee is a seven member board, whose member are appointed by Mayor Menino. In 2005 the district was a finalist for the Broad Prize for Urban Education, the fourth time in as many years.
The following is a summary of data regarding the Boston public schools as of the 2004–2005 school year.
Total enrollment: 58,310
Number of facilities elementary schools: 66 elementary and middle schools: 11 middle schools: 18 high schools: 25 other: 7 early learning centers, 6 special education centers
Student/teacher ratio: 13:1
Teacher salaries minimum: $40,707 maximum: $76,336
Funding per pupil: $10,739 (2003-2004)
Full-Time Working Couples - Single Parents
Most of the market will come from full-time working couples and single parents.

After School Transportation
The biggest segment of the elementary and secondary students will be in the after school transportation market. This client base will provide the highest profit because of the necessity of working parents to have a reliable transportation services for their children.
Target Market Segment Strategy
The target customers are dual income, middle-class families who cares and value the safety and is in need of reliable transportation for children ages 17 years and younger.
Value Proposition valuable proposition is quite clear and quite easily distinguished from others in the market. We offer uniquely premium child transportation services.

Competitive Edge
We start with a