Market Analysis Of Coca Cola Company

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Market analysis
As we approach our project to improvise Corporate social responsibility, the coca cola company has provided a great deal of resources and guidance. In coca cola company's history there are a large number of csr projects that provides enormous amount of various support. (cola, 2014)
Coca cola company's most potential competitor is Pepsi company. in the soft drink industry these two companies are the most popular brands and will be in the future as well.
For the coca cola company, to obtain the market structure and attract customer attention is not an invention. The company has been there for more than 120 years.
Since our project is to facilitate environmental awareness and provide necessary guidance to school children to promote tree plantation program, our team has to follow a different path to attract people's attention. For this we have approached the market analysis strategy in order to identify our basic features.
Even though coca cola company has a far more customer base than any other company in the industry, to publish this new project we had to outline some of the marketing objectives.
Social media
Schools newsletter emails printed advertisements billboards goal is to gather 40 each students and parents from each selected 12 Sydney primary schools to start the tree planting program. Advertising will continue for two months before the selection begins to start the process.
SWOT analysis
If we are to discuss the pros and cons of the coca cola company possess, it will be a quite easy task to accomplish. because of the company's well know reputation and brands that anyone in the world would recognize. (Dushyant, 2014)
High popularity
Well known brand name
Large number of investors
Giant finance advantage
International trading
Well established
120+ years of well known reputaion

Unpopular brands within the company
Health issues
Word of mouth
Unpopular packaging.
Many of other brands to pursue
Advertising the less popular brands
More of brand recognition (Gayaz, 2012)
False accusations about the products
Legal issues
External Environmental Appraisal.
According to this project plan, if the coca cola company decided to adopt this project then there will be both advantages and disadvantages that effects the company. To evaluate this the team has conducted another SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to that can occur from external environment. (Arpitpa, 2010)
Build up the reputation of the company by doing csr projects
Discussion of the brand name
Identity of the company increases
Increases the trust in the community
Not being an environmental organisation
First time involvement in the school process
Increases the good name of the company between the school kids and