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Paci On Demand and Customer Satisfaction
Gabrielle Meeks
Marketing Management
Dr. Karen Mountain
August 26, 2012

Paci On Demand and Customer Satisfaction
Advertising and Promotional Strategies Paci On Demand will use advertising to support customer knowledge by giving information about Paci On Demand products and services to our main markets. Our short-term strategies will range from a set budget and managing the set budget. Focusing on a budget will give Paci On Demand the decisions of when to advertise and what to advertise. With our main markets ranging from different areas of consumers, we will advertise in hospitals, on television, and on the Internet. With hospitals, we will advertise in the nursery. There will be catalogs that consumers will be able to browse. Also, there will be parenthood magazines or books in the hospitals that may also advertise our products. The magazine will be simple and show the product. When the product is first launched, we will advertise weekly in hospital, commercials, billboards, and on social media sites. After the first month or so, Paci On Demand will cut back on advertising. The product will then be on the market so expenses for advertising will drop. We would then start having coupons in stores, online, and in magazines (Chang, 2009). With the televisions, we will advertise commercials on the baby channels. Commercials will appear at least 4 or 5 times a day. Also when on social media websites that have videos, in between the videos, a brief clip of our product will be shown. On the Internet, we will have a budget max that will be contributed everyday. Internet advertising will be a set fee. We will advertise our product on our official website and pay stores such as Burlington Coat Factory, Toys R Us, and Babies R Us to advertise our products on their websites. Coupons will be available online and will be also printable to be used in stores. Aligning advertising strategy with marketing goals is essential. Paci on Demand will use Attention, Interest, Desire, and Actions (AIDA) model. This model reaches out to the customer. It seeks for the customer’s attention, creates an interest, desire, and attract them to purchase products with Paci On Demand. Paci On Demand will be in the introduction stage of a product life. It is important to demonstrate advertising and marketing while also building product awareness and keeping the customer knowledgeable (Iacobucci, 2012).
Advertising Measurements Measurements will be taken to know if ads are successful. Depending on the ad is how our advertising measurements will take place. Even though we will be doing ads, customers will be able to test our products. Customers will be able to try our product out for free for 30 days. After 30 days, product must be returned to for purchase or not to purchase. A valid credit/debit card will be held on file to make sure the product is returned. Surveys will be conducted in the store and online. Customers will be able to give feedback as well as ideas for other products. Advertising of the products to try out free is placed on commercials, magazines, social media sites, and billboards. This will let us know if customers are seeing our products and are interested in our products. Letting the customer test the product out is a good way to show interest in customer satisfaction.
Customer Satisfaction

Our mission statement says “We will offer the best, accessible, and superior product for our consumers.” Our customers will have a superior customer service experience. This is our mission because we will always provide good customer experience and leave the customers with guaranteed satisfaction. Guaranteed satisfaction will leave the customers happy as well as establishing a good relationship between Paci On Demand and the customer. The customers will be loyal, repeat customers, and will help to bring about new customers. Good customer satisfaction starts within the