Market: Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Essay

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Family violence can also affect children in the home. Children that are expose to abuse feel anxious and fearful. They are always on edge waiting to see what is going to happen next. Because they don’t know what triggers the abuse the don’t feel safe in their own home. Children that witness abuse are always fearful for their mother and siblings. They feel very helpless because they are too small to help. Some kids that are dealing with abuse in their home will look as if there is nothing going on to people in the outside world, but in the inside they are experiencing hurt and pain. Children can also feel as if they are not normal and feel isolated from other kids because of the abuse. Sometimes the child will seek for attention and affection because the mother cannot give it to them because she is trying to survive from the beaten. Children can experience behavioral responses to witnessing domestic violence which may include acting out, withdrawal, or anxious to please. It can also cause problems in the child school performance making him have a short attention span. The child can also express their self in a violent way towards peers. There are also long-term affects a child will experience is that they will have trauma from being in the home where the mother was abuse. Sometimes the child will grow up, get in intimate relationships, and start to control their mate and be very aggressive; he is then showing the same type of behavior that his dad did to his mother. The father can also belittle the mother, call her all kinds of names in front of the children telling them they do not have to do what she says, and sometimes make