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ABC Recruitment Company

Code of Conduct


1. Introduction

2. Purpose of the Code of Conduct

3. Preservation of Work Seekers Potential

4. Recruitment

5. Dealing with Overseas Placement

6. No fees as condition of finding work

7. Recovering fee for providing services for employer

8. False Information

9. Availability of Code

10. Statement of Ethics

11. Memo

1. Intorduction

Legislations that apply to employees:

Examples of relevant Acts—
Anti-Discrimination Act 1991
Fair Trading Act 1989
Industrial Relations Act 1999
• Information Privacy Act 2009
Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth)
Right to Information Act 2009
Vocational Education, Training and Employment Act 2000
Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Commonwealth)

2. What is the purpose of the code of conduct?

The aim of this Code is to establish a common understanding of the standards of behaviour expected of all employees of the Department of Education and Communities.

This Code does not attempt to provide a detailed and exhaustive list of what to do in every aspect of your work. Instead, it represents a broad framework that will help you decide on an appropriate course of action when you are faced with an ethical issue.

2. Preservation of work seeker Potential

• To preserve work seeker potential a private employment agent must not do anything that may unethically endanger a work seeker's current work or future work opportunities • Assure a work seeker's right to aggrandize the work seeker's potential for career expansion is conserved.

3. Recruitment

• The staffing of employees in the ABC Recruitment Company is directed in the line with the pertinent legislation, industrial instrument, policies and procedures.

4. Dealing with overseas placement

ABC Recruitment Company must not denote a work seeker to a person in another country who is looking for workers if the work seeker is • Not permitted to work in the pertinent country; or • Does not have a rational view of gaining consent to work in the pertinent country.

5. No fees as condition of finding work

The Industrial Relations Act 1999 of section 408D, the ABC Recruitment Company must not seek or accept a fee, deposit or bond if:

• From, or behalf of, a work seeker in Australia as condition of finding or attempting to find a work for a work seeker outside Australia or

• From, or on behalf, of a worker seeker residing, or intending to reside, temporarily in Australia as a condition of finding or attempting to find work for work seeker in Australia.

6. Recovering fee for providing services for employer

ABC recruitment Company is not permitted to recuperate from an employer who uses the services of the agent a fee for finding workers for the employer, unless, before providing the service, the agent • notifies the employer of the agent's fees for the services; and • Provides the employer a written notice confirming the amount of the agent's fee for the services.

7. False Information

ABC Recruitment Company must not—

• publish any false information in the course of carrying on the business of a private employment agent; or • make, or knowingly permit an employee of the agent to make, a false statement to a work seeker about— • the nature or availability of any work; or

(ii) The Act; or

(iii) This code; or

(iv)Any relevant Act about employment or workplace health and safety; or

(v) Any relevant industrial instrument.

8. Availability of Code