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Market Needs
The need to keep our children safe from falling out of bed and sustaining injury or death is important to all families. The number of accidents involving children who fall out of the bed accounts for 1.8 million visits to the emergency room and the more series involve over 400,000 hospital admissions including 450 deaths in the United States each year. The accidents not only affect the United States but globally as well. In England the number of hospital admissions due to falls has increased. The number of admission to hospitals in England exceeded 450,000 which are comparable to the United States. ("Home Safety", n.d) These numbers are increasing which is causing a greater need for child safety. In addition to the emotional effect on the family it causes increased cost to insurance companies, families, and puts an additional burden on our healthcare system. Macgregor (2000)

Market Demand
The market growth for this product will increase in the next few years. The increased cost in housing and the number of people moving into urban areas is having us look at new ways to utilize space. This may increase the use of bunk beds which are common in the world as an economical and space saving solution. However, this can increase the number of accidents and fatalities here and aboard. Traditional child rails which has been commonly used in the past and currently can tend to be cumbersome and may actual lead to accidents where children may try to climb over