Market Opportunity Analysis: Coach Inc. Essay

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Case Analysis1

Market Opportunity Analysis: Coach Inc.: Is its Advantage in Luxury Handbags Sustainable?

These days, the relative hot discussion never fails to fascinate people whether Coach Company’s advantage in luxury handbags is sustainable. Considering the current situation that Coach is in and the new strategy that Coach will take, we believe that Coach’s advantage in Luxury handbags will be sustainable. Coach is a large, American luxury handbags-made company. In this article, we will first tell some beautiful stories on the background of coach. For another, we will analysis the reason why its advantage is sustainable depending on 4Ps theory. In the end we feel obliged to give some recommendations based on our analysis.
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Because of the position of other luxury companies, they don’t have this advantage. They just positioned on the traditional luxury goods, so they can’t develop new markets and increase the net sales.
Place: Another advantage for Coach is the mixed sales methods. Coach sales their handbags in three different ways: the department stores, the full price store and the factory story. In America, Coach’s products could be found in approximately 900 department stores, 218 Coach full price stores, and 86 Coach factory outlet stores. Different consumers can go to the different stores to find their satisfied purses. The different stores have the different products, styles and prices. Coach also expected its licensed international distributors to open new locations in Hong Kong and mainland China. The social milieus and social class in Asia is suitable for Coach to develop the new market. From the 21 century, many Asia countries become richer, the middle-class and affluent in Asia have become increase, especially Japan and China.
Promotion: The recommendation for Coach is The Promotion is another thing that Coach need to be focused. The reasonable promotion can increase the net sale. By use the advertising, Coach can raise brand awareness and let more consumers know this brand. In the new market, just like China and Mideast, more advertising means more consumers. The more people know Coach, the more investor want to purchase Coach’ share. So Coach will have good gains in