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On Thursday, April 4th I attended the market panel discussion for RISE . This panel discussion talked very much about our market today and the changes that have occurred. The moderator of this discussion was David Asman, who is an anchor for Fox News, and five panelists. These panelists included Barry C. Knapp, Managing Director and Head of U.S Equity Portfolio Stragedy, Stephanie Link, CIO and Director of Research and Co-Portfolio Manager, Phillip J. Orlando, CFA, Senior VP, Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Equity Market Strategist, and Liz Ann Sonders who is the Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist. All of these important business professionals talked about their concerns on where our economy is headed and key topics that are concerns for America today. In the first part of this presentation Asman asked these five panelists whether or not they agree with the statement “the market has gotten ahead of the economy itself?” Stephanie Link had answered that she felt that she had an overall concern about the direction of where the economy is going. She believes that right now America is not where we need to be at a job perspective, but we are certainly getting there. She talked much about how she felt that the economy is a little bit better than expected and that this is just the beginning of a rise of the economy. As for Phil Orlando, he talked much about how the rate of recovery for our market has been lacking and was uncertain on where our market is