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In any business, you have to market some way or another. Whether it is simply word of mouth, spending money on televised advertisement or sending out flyers, you have to let people know you are in existence. Letting the community know why they should spend their hard earned dollars at your business and not the next. As the old saying goes, it takes hard effort to gain a customer and only seconds to lose one. Gaining and retaining customers keeps your business in motion and thriving. Morgan Bistro wants to gain new customers as well as keep the ones they already have.
Bring in New Customers and Retain Existing Ones
The manager of Morgan Bistro wants to retain their customers and continue to bring new customers into the restaurant, but it is not that simple. There are key components the manager must align himself within the restaurant because he is responsible for the restaurants failure or success. The manager at Morgan’s Bistro has to know how to read and understand the income statement, balance sheet, and the cash flow operations. This is crucial to the business because he must be able to budget the numbers accurately and forecast the sales of the restaurant. The Manager needs to measure how many meals were produce by the employee per day, hour, or shift, and amount of customers served. The manager of Morgan’s Bistro needs to know this information because if not it serves as a disadvantage to the restaurant in retaining and bringing in new customers.
The manager wants Morgan’s Bistro to flourish so he needs to hire staff that are capable of doing the work and are willing to get along as a team. Everyone (What team work means 2013) new to the restaurant discovers successful restaurant depends on team work. The manger has to instill in the staff’s mind if one fails they all fail, because there is no one man or woman better than the team. This will give the staff a sense of identity within the restaurant and they will take their work seriously and work with passion. The manager will have to train his staff adequately, have multiple training sessions to improve on their sales, and interpersonal skills on how to handle customers with courtesy. Every customer has a different attitude and the staff must know how to have a personality for each one of those attitudes. Managers can teach the servers how to up sell appetizers and desserts from the menu with confidence to increase the check.
Once this is done, the manager of Morgan’s Bistro looked into ways to increase and attract new customers and keep the retention of old customers. The manager held a quick meeting with the staff and asked them to put down some ideas on how they can increase the business within the restaurant; and he would look at their ideas and would implement them into his strategy. The manager and the head chef of Morgan’s Bistro came together and looked at the favorites items the customers would order. The Calamari Skewer (Morgan Bistro 2005-2012) which sold for $14.85, Prime Rib Traditional 12oz $24.88, and the Grilled Sole of Filet $24.65 were there top items that sold on the menu.
The manager decided that they would sell dinner specials and the price would be reduced to increase the sales within the business. The manager and the chef decided to come up with new menu items that people would enjoy. The chef tested these new items on the staff to see if they approved of the new foods and if it would be a good option for the menu. The manager did not want to add it to the menu put to make additional table tents because it provides good promotions. It will generate new customers to come into Morgan’s Bistro and give older customers different options in trying new foods. The manager looked at the Income statement of the operations he kept on a daily basis to see if the restaurant exceeded it goals to advertise upcoming promotions.
Four P's of Marketing
Marketing plans are based on the four Ps, known as the cornerstone of marketing; place, product,