market segment Essay

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About Market Segment
Market segment is a very important step of framing a sale strategy and winning clients, choosing a special domain or an industry which has not been paid much attention by opponents who have competitive relationship with the certain enterprise in certain area. If the market has been captured by those companies, we should work hard at innovations and those specialized functions or properties, no matter in really tiny aspects or not, to achieve the goal of becoming more professional than others’ product in this field. In fact it is a behavior of creating a new specific area from the previous market which has already been occupied, seen from my perspective.
Then is the publicity thing, which based on the different sorts of customers you want to attract. For instance everybody knows that Volvo Company is famous for its remarkable safety and this special property is helping the enterprise gathering a stable customer base. They focus their energy and ability on specializing more reliable car, then start to make full use of every opportunity to publicize the characters of their products, especially for those families with kids at school age, that kind of commercials will be more attractive. It is true that not all the car buyers only care about the power of engine or the fancy appearance. The customers not only can be divided from the angle of seeking for different sorts of particular functions of certain goods, but also the different levels of prices. An…