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1. Terms of reference
This marketing plan for Greenworld Game 2 aims to outline and analyse the market strategy in the simulation Game 2. Also, an evaluation of the previous strategic decisions as well as the SWOT of our company should be given. Based on this, recommendations for the next 4 years (8 periods) of the marketing strategy will be presented. 2. Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis of the competitive environment of the UK supermarket sector as represented in simulation game 2. The objective of this report is to prepare a strategic marketing plan for Greenworld Supermarket.
The marketing plan for Greenworld would be developed according to ‘the marketing strategy process’ proposed by Hooley et al (2004).
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The Child sector shows a consistent high preference for choice. Brand is also considered as the next most important factor.

Adult sector show most important factor as convenience and price.

Pensioner sector shows convenience as the highest factor followed by choice and price.

Baby and Toddler sector show preferences for brand and choice.

Child sector consistently ranks choice as the highest factor followed by brand.

Adult sector shows preferences for convenience and price.

Pensioner sector shows ranks convenience as highest followed by price and then choice.

Baby and Toddler sector rank convenience as the highest factor followed by brand. This is also replicated by the child sector.

Adult sector prefers convenience followed by choice.

Pensioner sector show convenience followed by choice and price.

The major competitors are the other supermarkets in the UK; Value shop, Drinkit, Focus, and Bigstore.
Market Share: The statistics show that all five supermarkets (including Greenworld ) hold less than 50% of the total market share. This is an indication of high market growth potential.

Market size: Among the top players in the industry Value shop has the highest market size as represented by its current sales figure in period 8, but there is a lot of space for growth in sales as the other small players in the industry still has more than 50% of the sales figures.