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Written Assignment 2
“Describe the different roles in a business buying center. Then identify each member of the buying group in a medium-sized company that purchases components and assembles small household appliances?”
In a business buying center there are five different roles. The first role are the users. These are the people who will be use the good or product. They influence the buying decisions because ultimately they will be the ones using the product. The second role are the gatekeepers. These personnel are the ones that give product data. They control what information the members of the buying center will review. The third role are the influencers. They are usually specialized staff that break down what the “pros” and “cons”
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I think with the outline that I have set and the environment that I chose to go into the business would be a success.
“What are several pluses for businesses that use outsourcing techniques? What are several minuses? What can companies do to make the best of these widespread practices?”
Outsourcing is the practice of a business that uses and outside vendor to provide a business that was used to be provided by that business. The pluses to this practice are the business is able to concentrate all their resources to their main product. An example of this practice is outsourcing the IT department. A business no longer has the need to have an onsite IT department, because of technological advances many IT personnel can just remote into a computer to see what the issues a user is having. It is also a way for a business to save money.
Some minuses or cons to this practice is the fact that the company is entrusting a third party to have access to confidential material. Usually IT personnel sign paperwork saying they will not look at this information but if no one has oversight of them they can look at what they please. Another minus is sometimes outsourcing could lead to additional time lost before a system is restored. When you have an IT department in house an employee can walk over to the department and ask for assistance.
Companies can first make sure that the business is a trusted and known business. One company that I would trust with my IT