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MaMartina R. Walton
Module 4

Design Hair Salon
1300 Bragg Road Suite 15
Fayetteville, NC 28314FFs
The Design Hair Salon of Fayetteville specializes in providing a pleasant relaxing experience for those in need of professional hair styling. Out staff has a long history of providing excellent customer service, and will help to find the look that’s right for you. Designs
Hair Salon provides a full range of hair styling options beyond the standard cut with options such as relaxers, highlights, hair extensions, semi-permanent or permanent hair coloring, and elegant
Up do’s for the Bride and Bridesmaid alike, as well as a variety of waxing options.
Appointments are available but walk-ins are always welcome. In addition to the hair salon services offered. Design’s store front features a variety of top of the line styling and grooming products for sale, offering premium brands such as Design Essentials, Affirm and Aphopee Hair
Treatment. With our wide range of services offered and roster of friendly professional stylists,
Design’s Hair Salon air Salon Hair is an experience worth checking out.

I have been a cosmetologist for over 12 years, working with hair on and off for 8 years.
Cosmetology is always changing, that’s why it’s very important for me to attend classes and seminars at the Bonner Bother’s Hair Show in Atlanta Georgia every other year. Taking classes as often as I can have helped me to get better as far as satisfying my customers. My skills have improved and that has given me more confidence over time. Not only have my skills improve, I have the abilities to work on 3 to 4 customers at a time depending on the type of service they are receiving. My specialties in the salon are relaxing, curling, coloring, styling and hair extensions.
I still have to get more training in cutting different textures of hair, if I want to have a diverse salon I will have to get better at cutting all types of hair. There are many hair salons in
Fayetteville, so I have to make sure I’m doing all I can to keep customers coming. I’ve been in shops where a person walks in and there’s of a different race, and no one to do their hair. Some salons are really slow about getting the clients in and out, that’s why I schedule appointments by the type of service a client wants. Consumers want good professional service, but don’t want to pay a lot for the service and they don’t want to spend their entire day off in a beauty salon.

Design hair salon will welcome men, women, and children of all ages. Consumers of all ages desire a different haircut or style depending on how they are feeling or what’s going on in their lives. Our salon is located near Fort Bragg North Carolina, one of the largest military installations in the world. Being a soldier, I know how important it is for female soldiers to look like women when take the uniform off. If an appointment is not made at least 3 days prior to the service being given, possibly a bad weekend will be had. I know how important it is for women especially to keep their hair healthy and to take walk in customers, most female soldiers will be walk in. Female soldiers will be walk-ins because they have very little time during the week, so they come on their lunch break. Living in Fayetteville North Carolina on and off for the last 15 years, I feel very confident about Design’s future. I have been keeping mental notes for years of the types of services I received over the years in different salons. A few of the salons I went to, I never used them again mostly because they over booked clients, therefore; I was there the entire day and the staff were very unprofessional.

Trendsetters Hair Salon is a one of the most popular hair salons in Fayetteville. I’ve heard lot of talk about how fast the