Marketing and Advertisement Technique Essay

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The new 24 hour long lasting everyday foundation by ANDREA, it’s the latest skin perfection makeup in the market. It creates a flawless, beautiful and healthy complexion while healing and nourishing dull, dry and wrinkled skin. This amazing new product will give woman the confidence that they passionately seek, it will enhance their natural beauty and it will make them look and feel very attractive. That is what the ANDREA’s new ad wants the consumers to see and believe, it targets the most common issues that woman have and it gives a clear and simple solution for it. Andrea has developed a new marketing strategy for the launch of the new 24 hour long lasting makeup foundation. The company used advertisement techniques and media conventions as a part of it. The first advertisement technique is the celebrity endorsement; 3 famous and popular actresses have been hired to be the face of the new product. These actresses come from different ethnicities so that the product carters to a wider audience. Because of these women careers, the product will get a bigger media exposure and most consumers will make the assumption that if they use the same product as the celebrities, they too, could be like them. The second advertisement technique used is scientific data and statistics. In the brief introduction written in the magazine ad, its mentioned that scientist have created a new formula that fights and solves major issues that most woman have their skin; it also states that the product has been matched, tested and approved to satisfy different ethnicities skin tones and types. Although this information may be inaccurate, most consumers would be convinced by it. This scientific information could also allow the new product to become a higher competitor in the beauty market. Furthermore, the third advertisement technique used is “weasel words”. The ad of the company and the product it’s filled with ambiguous words that exaggerate the results that the product might give. Words such as “juicy, flawless and perfect” are used to attract the attention of the consumers, so that they can create a mental image of what the results would be in each of them. In the other hand, ANDREA has also used both the technical and written conventions to capture the targeted consumer’s attention. The technical conventions include the camera angles, the lighting and the digital software used after the shooting of the ad. The camera angles were fixed on the actress’ face so that