Marketing and Biz News Assignment Essays

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Objective: Current marketing “biz” news is interesting and provocative because it involves all of us as consumers and it is occurring all around us. The objective of this assignment is to share recent marketing news with the class so we can learn from each other in an interactive manner and get a deeper knowledge of relevant news that ties to the class content.
Directions: With a small team, select a recent new article and do a 10 minute oral presentation using PowerPoint slides (or other presentation software) and should be creative to capture the audience’s attention. Your presentation should include the following: 1. Summarize the news article, show the class the actual article and state where you found it and why it is important 2. Background on the company to give us all context a. The basics: How it got started/location/size/#employees b. Key executives/management structure/ownership c. Major news announcements/press releases from this company – give us context, make connections d. Company internal strength and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats (SWOT) 3. Additional content to consider - this may be other articles, experiences, news clips, marketing materials, etc. that are relevant and offer added support or a differing perspective (you need at least two other sources). Please state the source appropriately as you are speaking about them and note them on your slide. 4. Marketing and strategic analysis based on all of the above - Use what you have learned in class, the text, and in life to analyze this situation. e. Why is this relevant?