Marketing and Corporate Mission Statement Essay

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Professor Stan Weinstein
Mid-Term Essays Topics
Fall, 2012

Below are ten (10) essay topics. You are to pick four (4). Please be sure to complete all the parts of each essay chosen. Do not forget to put your name and class (MKT203A) on the document.

You can write a minimum of 2 to 3 paragraphs for each part. You can do more than that if you like. Each bullet • is a part. • Please use Times New Roman or Ariel type font and the font size should be 10 or 12 • Please do not forget to put the title/number of the essays you choose. For example, if you choose SWOT, which is the 2nd essay offered, entitle it accordingly. • If you want to use charts to highlight pros/cons, that is fine. I ask that you provide a written explanation as well, since a chart is not a written paragraph. • Please submit to me via email. Word document is fine. • Do not copy from the textbook. I want to read your understanding of the material. You may paraphrase and use other sources for your essays. If you do, please credit the source. • Due date is Friday, October 12…12noon. If necessary, you can submit as late as 5PM. • If for any reason you cannot submit on time, please let me know as soon as you can

Essay Topics

1. Corporate Mission Statement • Define and explain a Corporate Mission Statement • What are the essential component parts • Discuss and provide examples of a good and a bad mission statement

2. SWOT • Define SWOT • Explain and provide examples and benefits of each part of the SWOT concept • How does SWOT impact the market target

3. 4 P’s of Marketing • Define the 4 P’s of Marketing • Explain importance of each “P” and its significance in the marketing mix • Discuss the importance of the 4C’s

4. Marketing Approaches • Define, compare and contrast the following marketing approaches with examples o Mass Market o Mass Customization o Niche Marketing

5. 21st Century vs. 20th Century Marketing Philosophy • Discuss the assumptions of each and why they vary • Offer an opinion as to which one is better

6. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix • Explain concept behind the BCG Matrix • How does each cell in the matrix play a role in the company’s brand portfolio? Provide examples • Using the BCG matrix, what can a company do to enhance its profitability?

7. Market Research • Explain the