Marketing and Customer Service Essay

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Dealing with customers is not easy and require attention because they are or main concern when we own a business that sell goods or service. By knowing the law regarding customer rights put organisation in a better position if companies face any problem occur with customers by knowing the law that protect customers we protect our business and keep customer satisfaction. Been positive and having the right approach the company will always benefit.
Customer’s right: * Sale of goods act this act help business to understand how to deal with customers complaints, refunds and returns. This legislation relate to retailers and goods. Give customer legal right if they buy anything at any retailer. Customer have a right to return the goods if is faulty the act say the item should match with customer need retailers are responsible for the items they sell they must match with customer satisfaction. Retailers must resolve the problems and make de situation easy and clear for customers. * Disability legislation- equality act 2010 and the disability discrimination act 1995
The discrimination act passed in 1995 came in law in 2001. This act protect disable people to be treated the same way with no discrimination, retailers must provide auxiliary aids or service for people with special needs. Company must provide information that everyone gets access to them. Companies must provide any material in a alternative format including large print, braille and audio.
Companies must inform customers of any change in the service that customers must know information about health and safety, legal agreements and offers.

Managing responsibilities in relation to customer
As a manager they have the responsibility to insure employees provide good customer service, people u hire n a company is very important, managers must provide training to the staff and provide good communication to the staff.
The responsibility related to customer’s service doesn’t stop there manages must: * Recognize sale opportunities must see opportunity to sale when deal with customer service * Training employees customers is very important employees must be well trained they must understand the rule, ethic and customer expectations. * Meeting goals managers have the responsibility for meeting goals, make sure customer service at work increase never be comfortable with the good customer service always look for improvement and perfection.
Employee motivated improves customer service to.
When we talk about customer service we easily related to just customers who came to or shops and pushed them is not wrong but is more into that there is internal customers and external customers.

External customer- customers out of the organisation are people who receive service and the one who can succeed a company or destroy a company. They chose where to purchase and receive they service.

External customer service needs and standard meet by; * Treat employees like our customers- like I mention before is very important to motivate and make employees feel as part of the company * Give employees more than