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Website Project Plan Outline
1.0 Business Summary

1.1 Project Title

Our business of this project is: 4Paws Mobile Pet Grooming

1.2 Project Team Members

The team members are: Ewa Lupinska & Tsz (Janet) Wong

1.3 Business Objectives (VoE)

1.3.1 Objectives Our mission is to provide convenient, reliable, and efficient service to pet owners to maintain and achieve their pets’ best being. Our mobile service is a pet salon on wheels, offering customers in the Fairfield County an “at home” grooming and bathing service for their dogs and cats.

On our self-sufficient van, we will groom the pets, including: bathing, chipping, nail trimming, ear cleaning, scissors styling, and fluff drying. We will also do health checking on the pets.

The objective of our website is to introduce our services, post our contact information, and allow customers to book an appointment by filling out a form in the website. Its primary function is to get the customers to book an appointment with us. 1.3.2 Success Metrics

The success metrics are measurable activities that contribute to our business’ success. The basic metrics will be the number of transactions – how many cats and dogs we groomed.

The number of returning customers is very important as it tells us whether customers love our services. The number of how many visitors that used our website will also provide a guide as to how effective is our website doing.

Once our business runs for awhile, we will know the bottom line to make a break even. According to Wag’n Tails who provides turnkey programs for mobile pet grooming businesses, the basic fixed costs for all expenses, except for salary, which varies due to different service standards for different businesses, are estimated to be about $2,000 per month. That means when our income revenue is charged per appointment on an hourly basis, where each dog charged for $70 to $100 (based on breeds), and each cat for $80, we have to groom about 25 pets per month to cover all fixed costs. It is a bit more than one pet per working day.

1.3.3 Future Growth

We expect to expand the service coverage area as the business grows. We envision ourselves to have multiple vans and many vets to service more customers in a greater coverage area. We also want to have a storefront opened to sell pet food and supplies, and provide pet grooming, pet medication services, and pet sitting.

We can even offer new service, since we also carry pet supplies inventory, by delivering the purchases to the customers’ homes while they get their pets groomed. In this case, the customers who use our services will not even need to go to a pet shop at all. Everything for their pets are done at their doorstep.

1.4 Business Models

1.4.1 Operations Model

Our business is a M-business that provides services. We don’t have a storefront opened. However, we still have a place to do office work, such as building a clientele list and accounting works. Our van goes around to do pet grooming at customers’ driveways. Our business is a mix of virtual storefront and with a mobile physical vehicle. For our website, the primary functions are to introduce our services, post our contact information, and allow customers to book an appointment by filling out a form in the website.

1.4.2 Transaction Model

Our business model is a B2C (Business to Consumer) model. We collect payments after performing the services to the customers.

2.0 Market Analysis

2.1 Industry Analysis (VoI)

There are lots of people who own cats and dogs in the Fairfield County. These people are willing to spend money on their pet. According to some business reviews, it is estimated that the industry will grow over 10% in the next five years. Demand for pet groomers is expected to rise 12 percent by 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.,

The Fairfield County has a population of 900,440 according to U.S. Census Bureau. The