Marketing and Dyson Case Study Essay

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Dyson Case Study:

Washing Machine: Contrarotator: not a good international brand name.

Contra – rotates in opposite directions to wash products to improve quality of the wash.

Colour: Stepped aside from the brand.

Other brands were offering a wash with less water – cheaper to the consumer.
Economy – less water
Environmental – less water

Dyson Washing Machine failed even though performance was better.
Spent £25 million on this product!
Clothes were already being washed fine so pay a premium – not different enough for consumers to pay so much for!

Ansoff Matrix – product development – washing machine was not needed!
Vacuum Cleaners were still successful!
What next for Dyson? Hand dryer – good with air technology – stick to what they are good at – colour is recognisable so back on brand.

Paper towels = expensive/wasting paper so not environmentally friendly/not as hygienic/very high service jobs – people have to come in and clean.

Selling to businesses that are paying for their washrooms.

Towel on a roll – not hygienic!

Hand dryer – takes so long

Dyson – fast launch, had to be secret, Jamie Oliver installed them first.

Places with paper towels often did not have electricity in the toilets.

Strategically new product development and new market – targeting businesses. No consumer market but there is a potential.
Big international market starting to build.

Big issue is imitation of the dryer.

Next was The Dyson Fan – simple, effective, innovative.
Colour – blue shows air, brand strong enough to move away from core colours, stays out in the house.

Product for new and existing customers.

Launch in Victoria station