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Company Overview
Val’s hand held iPad is a highly successful organization that aims to advance in technology. It will run on Apple’ The iPad features a camera, keyboard, and it has built in Wi-Fi. The iPad can shoot video, take photos and play music.
Executive Summary of Market Plan
In today’s society everything is going global and competitive business environment, the marketing plan of Apple’s iPad will develop a strong brand image from the initial stage. My market is a topic where an effective marketing strategy is develops to endure the global competitive market. The purpose of this new ipad will benefit everyone in the United States. This new ipad will have various apps that will be easy to function.
Description of the Target Market This ipad will be sold to younger generation as well to the older generation. It will be used for business or personal use. You can create your own apps to whatever you need or want. It would not matter what kind of income you have it would be very affordable.
Description of competitors The top two competitors would be Microsoft surface pro and Kindle fire

Description of producr or service My product is a mini hand held ipad that will be voice activated like a iphone. It will have a app that you can create to your own life style. It will do whatever you want it to do. You will have a option to touch screen or use your voice. To run this ipad all you would have to do is go into a wifi once you get into a wifi account you can