Marketing and Jb Hi Fi Essay

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Light up Ltd is a reseller in the intermediate industry of the actual product of the Kandle E-Reader for the past 5 years. Whereas the goods are supplied by a manufacturing company in Malaysia. The company is currently providing with the product( E-Reader ) and the online e-book downloading system under only the JB Hi Fi’s exclusive online service.

The company had its peak 3 years ago. At the time, the market share of Light Up Ltd was once 20% of the E-Reader market of Australia. But due to its inability to match competitors’ innovative feature, the market share has been lost rapidly within the 2 years, to 10%.

In the next year, Light Up Ltd have planned to seeks to enter a new target consumer and to be more specificate with they needs and wants, be more focused on the marketing approach- consumer orientation. Light Up Ltd has also plans to optimize its future option by diversifying its distribution ( due to JB Hi Fi’s is only focused on the Australian market and service quality falls and reputation were lowered) and be innovative with is product features.

Light Up Ltd were to be know by its great quality and the affordable (cheap) price, will be in future to differentiates itself