Marketing and Leisure Service Essay

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Leisure service is transaction within people which often involves having a leader working directly with a customer by providing instruction, direction, or coaching. For example: If one wanted to go out to a restaurant one has to be present to experience that service. This is a transaction between people which the waitress or waiter have been giving instruction on what to do. Another example of leisure service is playing basketball the game itself already has set rules one must follow by and then you have a coach there to help one better his/her by coaching them but the player must be present in order to experience this activity. Service are not tangible meaning leisure service is not a tangible item.
You can’t touch it. It’s an experience that is created by both the leisure programmer and the individual experiencing leisure. In leisure you don’t produce any physical object you can only create in experience. Because the leisure experience is a personal one, the customer must be present in order to partake in the service. Leisure experience, unlike leisure good, cannot be stockpiled or warehoused. Leisure service cannot be created in advance because it occurs at the moment of delivery. It is dependent on the direct involvement of the customer. For example: If one go to Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar they’re not going to have one food already cooked. They are going to wait for one to order and bring one food out the customer in then cook it in front of them. Another example is if one was to go to the barbershop to get a hair, that person isn’t going to be immediately serve that person will have to wait into it there turn in order to get a hair. The leisure service isn’t created in advance, but one would have to be present in order to experience the service. Because leisure service requires interaction between individual it is very labor intensive. This means that the success of such services depends, almost exclusively, on having and adequate number of well-trained highly qualified “people-oriented” individuals to plan implements the service. Leisure service have five key characteristics that plays a major role, first one is inseparability which mean services are produced and consumed at the same time, unlike goods which may be manufactured, then stored for later distribution. This means that the service provider becomes an integral part of the service itself. The waitress in the restaurant, or the cashier in the bank, is an inseparable part of the service offering. The client also participates to some extent in the service, and can affect the outcome of the service. People can be part of the service itself, and this can be an advantage for services marketers. For example if you manufactured a car which may be manufactured in New York the consumer doesn’t have to be in New York one can have the car shipped to wherever the consumer may be in buy it. But if one producing the service for instead if someone want to be involve in exercise they can’t be at home they have to be physically present where they have the physical activity going on.
This means the production and consumption occur at the same time, but when you talking about a car which is produce somewhere and consume at another place. But when one talking about service thee person that is going to use the service has to be at the point of production.
The second characteristic of leisure service is Heterogeneity Invariability because a service is produced and consumed simultaneously, and because individual people make up part of the service offering, it can be argued that a service is always unique it only exists once, and is never exactly repeated. This can give rise to concern about service quality and uniformity issues. Personnel training and careful monitoring of customer satisfaction and feedback can help to maintain high standards. For instead if one talk about a car, a car has specifications you technology so all you do is put in the…