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M1- analyse marketing techniques used in the marketing of products in two organisations

In this section I am going to analyse different marketing techniques used in Kelloggs and nestle giving the similarities and differences used in each technique.

Relationship marketing: one similarity between nestle and kelloggs is that they print their contact information on their packaging in order to increase customer satisfaction as if there is a fault with the product the customer can call up or e-mail to complain, this helps build a strong relationship with their customers as being able to correctly and swiftly sort out customer complaints allows a company to improve their customer satisfaction.
Both Kelloggs and nestle use relationship marketing in order to gain a better business to customer relationship but also to encourage repeated purchase, however this is done is different ways. As Nestle focus their relationship marketing on social networking trying to stand out by using information and content that is relevant to their customers and the brand this allows customers to easily gain a better understanding of the company and how they work.
Kelloggs have different ways of attracting customers to buy their variety of products. Kelloggs have created a new strategy to engage with the customers via text. This is a modern way to interact and informing customers of the company and building a more formal relationship with their customer. This is an excellent way of communicating with Kellogg’s customers which then engages the customers to experience new or improved cereals that have recently been produced and put in the market.
Both Kelloggs and nestle are clear about what they want to achieve. They know how they are going to turn their desires and company aims into reality in the face of intense competition of each other. Setting clear and specific aims and objectives is vital for both businesses to compete in a thriving market. Kelloggs and nestle both have in place health aims to suggest and promote healthy eating within there customers. Nestlé’s core aim is to enhance the quality of their consumer’s lives every day, where by offering tastier and healthier food and beverage choices and encouraging their customers to live a healthier lifestyle. Just like Kelloggs they use a slogan customers can relate to and that they have been able to brand there company image around. 'Good Food, Good Life' is nestles slogan and Kelloggs is ‘get the balance right’ the ideas that Kelloggs had surrounding there healthy image was to show a sophisticated and caring brand that households could relate to.
For large businesses having strong branding and a well-recognized name is a must and kelloggs follows this by advertising using a whole range of media: in the press, on posters, radio and cinema, direct mail, and most recently on the Internet. However, the main pathway for its advertising is on television, where Kelloggs is given airtime to show an advertisement aimed at a specific target audience. This technique allows for a large audience to view their brand and product which helps to draw in customers.
Unlike Kelloggs, Nestle focus on the product part of the marketing mix rather than promotion. Nestle offer unique and affordable products that are sold at convenience. Kit Kat success is due to its unique dual appeal - as a four-finger chocolate bar, sold at corner shops and newsagents, but also as a two-finger biscuit sold in supermarkets. It is a product that has survived and thrived in its market because of its wide appeal across all age ranges and to both sexes. Furthermore nestle like to conduct Market research which has shown that consumers prefer special editions to be available for limited periods only and that consumers are likely to purchase the original Kit Kat at the same time or shortly after. Meaning nestle have successfully got the product part of Kit Kat’s marketing mix right as it increases customer satisfaction to see