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Principles of Marketing, BA 223
A Highfill
Take-Home Portion of Exam #2 (40 pts)

Instructions: Please submit your answers to our class Dropbox on D2L.
Questions 1 & 2 pertain to the MinuteClinic case study, found in D2L/Content. Read it, and then answer ONLY the questions I pose below (ignore the questions at the end of the case study). Question 3 is a separate idea.
1. Describe how Minute Clinic puts each of the following strategies to work for them: stressing tangibles, using personal information sources, creating a strong organizational image, and engaging in post-purchase communication. (8pts) Make some assumptions if that would add relevancy and meat to your answer. What else could they try? (2 pts) (10 pts total)

2. Which TWO elements of the marketing mix does MinuteClinic focus on the most? Support your answer with examples. (10 pts total)
You are the Marketing Director for a company called HomEZ. Your company has revolutionized the cleaning industry by inventing the world’s first toilet-cleaning robot, which launches in 3 months’ time! Your team has determined that your #1 target market for the BowlBot is businesses & institutions (NOT consumers). Your target market likely has facilities with many toilets lined up in a sequence (think movie theatres, schools, Rose Garden type of places, sporting/event centers, convention centers, port-a-potties at outdoor events, etc). Management expects a presentation from you next week about how you’re going to be successful going to market with this product.