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Group One: Discuss the five method for entering the global marketplace (see lecture slides). For an American company that manufactures tractors and wants to sell them to Chinese customers, which factor do you believe would be best suited to their needs?

Group two: Discuss the Ansoff Matrix and describe, in detail, each marketing strategy. Give example of how each strategy can be used by an organization. Use the visualise to show the Ansoff Matrix to the class (textbook :415) .

gaup Three: describe what demographic segmentation is. Why is it important? Give an example of how a business can use geodemographic segmentation effectively.

Group four: Describe the consumer decision- marking process. How can an organisation influence each stage? Give an example of a real business.

2: Ansoff Matrix is a used for way to look for growth opportunity, by combining present and new product, and present and new market into a 2 mutiple (*) 2 matrix, it is a useful framework for thinking about the ways in which gowth can be achieved through product strategy..

The one of basic method is gaining market penetration is existing markets with current product is by wining competitor’s customers, which can achieved by more effective use of promotion or distribution , or by cutting prices. Incresing promotional expenditure is a method of wining competitors’ customer and market penetration. For example, Greggs, the UK’s largest retail food brand, with more shop than Mcdonald’s and Subway, made a significant investment in digital promotion by using facebook to find out what is 20,000 customer thought about the brand, over 50 percent replied and the information gathered from this promotional initiative was used to diliver a 7.5 percent increase in annual turnover.
基本方法之一是获得市场渗透现有市场与目前的产品是打赢竞争对手的客户,可实现更有效地利用推广或分销,或通过降价。 John Murtagh全科病案宣传开支是打赢竞争对手的客户和市场渗透的方法。例如,GREGGS使用Facebook上找出什么是客户之所想了解的品牌,取得了显着的投资在数字化推广,超过50%的受访者回答说,这一宣传举措,从收集到的信息用于diliver每年营业额增加7.5%。

For market expansion, it can be an attractive option in new market when non-uses form a sizable segment(分割) and may be willing to try the product given suitable inducements (诱因). Lapsed (失效的) uses can also be targeted. For instant, kellongg’s has targeted lapsed breafast cereal users when rediscover the pleasure of eating cornflakes when feeding their children. Increasing usage rate in another market expansion. For example, Kellogg.s has also tried to increase the usage (eating) rate of its corflakes by promotion eating in the evening as well as at breafast. Affordability and impoving sustainability market expansion have also been found to aid market expansion.

In addition, the Product development option involves the development of new products for existing markets. One variant is to extend existing product lines to give current customes greater choice. For example, the original ipod has been followed by the launches of the ipod nano, shuffle and touch, giving its target market of young music lovers greater choice in terms of size, capacity and price.
此外,产品开发选项包括现有市场的新产品的开发。一个变种是扩展现有的产品线,给目前的客户群体更大的选择余地。例如,原来的Pod已随后推出的iPod nano,shuffle和触摸,给年轻的音乐爱好者更多的选择,其目标市场规模,容量和价格方面。

Besides, Marketing developmemt entails the promotion of new uses of existing products to new customers, or the marketing of existing products and their current uses to new market segments. The promotion of new uses accounted for the growth in sales of nylon, whcih was first marketed as a replacement for silk in parachutes but expanded into shirts, carpets, tyres and so on. Tesco, the UK supermarket chain, practised market development by marketing existing grocery products, which were sold in