Marketing and Starbucks Essay

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1. Starbucks Marketing Mix Strategy
Marketing Mix could be defined as a process which would help employees and the customers to know about various products being offered by the organization.
The Marketing Mix of Starbucks: * Product
Starbucks has been referred to us, a coffee brand which provides highly innovative, high quality products to its customers.
Starbucks is offering different variants of coffee and variety of eatable products.
To provide one of the best qualities of coffee to its customers, they purchase the coffee beans from Kenya, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, etc. To provide fat free coffee and milk products Starbucks use the non fat milk.
Various quality management techniques were being used by Starbucks which helped to (Tewell, Odom & Sinder, 2006) increase the quality of products being offered by the same. * Price
Price refers to the second most important aspect of the marketing mix.
Price plays one of the crucial roles to attract as well as retain its customers (Starbucks, 2011).
Starbucks was referred to be one of the costliest coffee houses and was not successful in some parts of the globe (Tewell, Ondom & Sinder, 2006).
They deliver what they promised i.e. they purchased one of the best coffee beans, proper training skills were given to the staff members, proper ambience and a place where people would come to relax and rejuvenate their busy lives.

* Distribution
Distribution refers to the next aspect of marketing mix. Distribution is also known as the place where the product would be offered. Structured distribution channels would help Starbucks to create the link between its customers and its outlets (Learn Marketing, 2011).
Starbucks generally open their stores in easily visible locations. They have built a strategy where in cluster of stores would be opened. This would help in order to serve more number of people and reduce the level of traffic.
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