Marketing And Transportation Research Paper

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Marketing and Transportation
Retia Peyer
Victory University
Principles in Marketing
Walt Henley
December 16, 2012
Although many people think of Marketing as just another way to make something look pretty, there really is a lot of behind the scenes aspects of marketing, especially in the form of transportation, and transportation companies. Most Marketing is done to appeal to your senses or make you want something material, but sometimes marketing is just about making things appear special or different. In the trucking Industry marketing is used to “sale” people and the name but not an actual tangible item, where as in the automotive industry marketing is to appeal to a specific personality type and sale an actual vehicle.

Non-Traditional Marketing for DOT Regulations
Table of Contents

1. What exactly is marketing?
2. Marketing and DOT
3. Marketing and Transportation
4. Types of Transportation
5. Conclusion When someone thinks of marketing, usually his or her favorite commercial or billboard comes to mind. The idea of buy and sale is often the only things associated with marketing. However, there can be so much more!
Traditionally marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings, that have value to customers, clients, partners, and society. Marketing can also be anything that entices you, or persuades you to change your perspective. Nontraditionally marketing is used in an array of settings. Most of what you hear and see is associated with marketing in some way. The commercials on television, advertising on radio stations, and billboards, even politics. In Politics, each candidate is marketing to convince you that they are the right candidate and will do a better job than the other will. Politicians use marketing to advertise them selves while slight their opponents. Marketing is used in politics when there is a new bill to be passed or an amendment to an old bill to make. Both parties will use marketing to advertise their views on the subject in hopes that the public will agree with them and vote their way. In some situations, marketing is so fine keened that those who deal with it on a regular, daily basis may not even realize what a huge role marketing plays in their lives. Many of us go through our day being enticed and persuaded with out ever even knowing it.
Transportation is a very large part of our economy, and a huge tool in marketing. Without transportation, specifically from the trucking industry, the goods that are so readily available at the local markets would not be there. One very important aspect of transportation in the trucking industry is called Department of Transportation (here after referred to as DOT) regulations. The purpose of DOT is to ensure safety and quality in the trucking industry. DOT sets rules and regulations, which all trucking companies must follow, as well as all truck drivers. Marketing and DOT may not seem like they have much in common, however, with out marketing DOT would not exist. DOT uses marketing to pass new rules, make changes to existing rules, and guarantee cooperation for others in the industry, including trucking companies as well as the individual truck drivers themselves.
Transportation industries, like the trucking industry, use marketing in almost every aspect of their day, many times with out even realizing the connections. In a typical trucking company, there are recruiters, load planners, and dispatchers.
As a recruiter, this person is responsible for hiring new drivers. Marketing plays a huge role in this profession. The recruiter must make sure that they “sale” their company to the perspective driver. Often this