Marketing and World Country Essay

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Sergio Paz
MGT4400 Marketing
September 16, 2014 Objective Many issues may come about in the first two years of the implementation of our soccer ball product. An issue that most emerging companies begin with is that they do not make a lot of money in the first one to four years. However, one of the first steps will be to build awareness of our product. We are going to let people know that with every purchase of our non deflatable soccer ball, we will send one soccer ball to a child in a third world country. An issue that may occur in the second year of business is sales may double. In this case the issue that may arise is the expansion of the business. If the business is gaining enough profit, then expansion will be something that will be discussed with our financial advisors. In the event that the business is not gaining a profit and is either stable or losing money, then expansion of the business will not occur. We will need to market to the target consumers that we know are most likely to buy our product. These customers will be the young kids, teenagers, and young adults that have an interest in the game of soccer. When marketing to the young, they will most likely be enticed to buy the product themselves or ask their parents to purchase it for them. It will appeal to the adults when they see the fact that when they purchase a soccer ball they will be purchasing a soccer ball for a child in a third world country who has nothing. This is an emotional appeal to the consumer, and especially to mothers. When the consumer is making a decision, the image of a child in a third world country being able to be given a soccer ball that will bring them happiness will jolt into their mind. This will make the decision of buying the soccer ball for their children a much easier decision. The cost of the soccer ball will not be low, but when thinking about the lifetime that the soccer ball will last it outweighs the initial cost. The soccer ball will not deflate and continuously need to be re-pumped and it