Marketing Article Review paper

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Marketing Article review
Novelette Anglin
MKT 607
October 1st, 2014

SMART Goals and Self-Leadership Goal After reading the scholarly article on branding management strategy, I realized that the main idea is to inform readers of the amount of challenges many companies face to develop products and services, and most importantly brand. The article reading leads the belief that if resources are targeted consistently, with good decisions in investments, the aim will worth the effort, and not farfetched to achieve. We all must also realize that a brand with a good object will securely achieve at a high success. Branding involves the creation of a name that is unique to the product extend on the market. It is the name that portrays the image for the product in the minds of consumers. I found that the authors write about this topic because they feel the need to bring out the importance of branding when it comes to the market, and the choice of the consumers with majority of businesses. In order for a brand to contribute to the overall success of a company in such a signifi-cant way, manifold and coordinated managerial activities are necessary (Herrmann , Henneberg & Landwehr, 2010). The author still goes on to make it clear that in regards branding been an important factor to the market, not all the activities of branding made a contribution to the overall strength of the brand itself. Therefore, making identification is fundamental to the importance of the performance of a brand and what it values to consumers. Many facts are presented in the writing of this article. One logical fact that stands out for me is the importance of the consumers. Keep in mind they are the ones to fester purchases in the product and brand, and they are the one that is able to give a good synopsis of the product and brand, since they are the primary users. Having the voice of the customers making translation to the ear of the engineer, is a good factual way as a good feedback to the business, which will help to improve the brand status. One other fact is that, within the context of an investment decision, it is pivotal to understand ways to opti-mise marketing and other strategic activities for the strengthening of brand performance, i.e. cost aspects need to be taken into account (Herrmann , Henneberg & Landwehr, 2010). Overall the text on the topic in relationship to other readings stands out because even though the article is written mainly on the sense of branding, the topic brings out other aspects such as, customers demands, productions requirements, and the integration of product and branding in one segment. Other articles I have read just mainly speak about the brand or the management of branding totally without the incorporation of other possible factors. A few things I see this article could have included is to at least give the basic of the starting game of branding, and the connection of where it actually fits in the plan of a market. However after carefully analyzing the article, I do feel that much critique is not operable at this time. The article did speak about the importance