Marketing As5 Brands Value Essay

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The French automobile Renault12 is a successful brand to me. It creates a true value, build a perfect relationships with me. I consider the brand irreplaceable. Hence, Renault12, also known as R12, meets functional, emotional and symbolic expectations at all points of interaction in my life.
The Renault 12 enforces its self-image in me. Therefore, I feel trustworthiness based upon my awareness. Indeed, I purchase R12 because I perceive it as being the superior car working fine on African paths. My constancy for the R12 is vital for several reasons.
First, the car is inexpensive and low fuel consumption. In addition, the production is continuous. Second, the French automaker Renault spends significant time to introduce it car to the public. Advertisements target African communities as a whole. I have a great experience with R12.
My lasting relationship with R12 lies in understanding the emotional benefits that brand provides. Those emotional benefits make possible to be thankful to the car as a result of using it in difficult circumstances. For instance, I transport my cousin wife in labor, from the village paths to the downtown hospital. She gives birth to a gorgeous child. I carry farmers to nearby markets to sell their harvest. I rarely go to the mechanics for major breakdown. All these facts create an emotional connection with the R12. Moreover, the emotional connection constructs a faith that leads to my