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BBQfun is well established outdoor lifestyle business which is looking forward to grow. The business has a good set of employees which are working towards providing good services to its customers every day. We are taking up a new marketing plan to enhance the business and make BBQfun a market leader of outdoor lifestyle products. This marketing plan would consist of various stages and aims which we are looking forward to full fill and execute in the best way possible. There are many people involved in this endeavour.The Stake Holders, General Manager, Marketing Executives and store Crew Members.
The stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involved in the business.
All staff members
Local Councils and Representatives

Segment Overview:
Situation Analysis:-
BBQfun has a understanding of the current market which gives it a greater leverage above all its competitors. Brisbane has a very low unemployment rate and has a population of 5% per year which makes it an ideal market for our business to prosper and grow.
Marketing Strategy:-
We have a great ambition in increasing our sales in the years to come hence we are investing $250,000 for this year. Our marketing program will target all the wells know channels to communicate with our potential customers such as letter-box drop, radio and magazines.
Financials, Budgets and Forecasts:-
We are expecting our sales and revenues to rise quickly with this new marketing plan. As per our future forecast sales and revenues will raise start from 11 million in 2009 to 15 million in 2014. We should easily be able to open new branches in other parts of the city as well.
Description of Implementation:-
There are several channels which we have considered in going with our marketing plan such as letter-box drops, radio and magazines. Our marketing team will be doing a direct mail to target the local customers by inserting a coupon in BrisNews magazine which the marketing team thinks it’s going to the be the most successful in our campaign.
Out of all the marketing methods, the stake holders and others think that going with the letter box drop and getting an article about us in the BrisNews magazine would be the most impactful way of letting people know about us.
Starting with letter drop box we have given orders to print 5000 flyers, we have hired a designer to make the flyers attractive. Our store crew will be distributing the flyers after store hours for which they will be paid extra. We are targeting in distributing all the flyers in 7 business days time excluding weekends. The flyers will be distributed in all the suburbs where there is high concentration of Brisbane’s population.
The second method which we are strongly relying in is getting an article about BBQfun in the BrisNews magazine. We have seen a great response previously as the sales rouse sharply due to an article about BBQfun. Our stake holders are in great terms with BrisNews and according to them it won’t be difficult at this instance to get a bigger and a better article out about BBQfun as the editor of the magazine himself is a regular customer and is impressed with our new line of products.
Summary of the major tasks for implementation:-
Getting the letter box drops prepared will require approval of stake holders, a printing agent and a flyer designer. Firstly we will need to conduct a meeting with the stake holders to get approval from everyone in going with the letter box drops to promote our store. The content of the flyer also needs to be decided by the stake holders which would include an offer for a limited time only. Secondly, we will need a printing company who can provide us with 5000 letter box drops at a cheap price and last but not the least hiring a flyer designer who can make an outstanding pamphlet which would catch people’s attention.
The flyer would look the following:

BBQFun Outdoor furniture and BBQ…