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Marketing Audit of Gate8

Name: Simon Rutledge

Module: Marketing

Tutor: Phil Johnson

Submission Date: 2.2.2014

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GATE8 marketing audit

This report will conduct a marketing audit of Gate8 by conducting a situational analysis, reviewing strengths and weaknesses, establishing marketing objectives, the development of outline marketing activities including a planning timetable to support the marketing objectives and finally discuss the benefits to the company that will result from the implementation of the marketing activity contained in the audit.
Gate8 Luggage is an award winning UK Company that specializes in providing business travellers with luggage. “GATE8's cabin size, lightweight travel bag and luggage systems with exclusive 2-in-1 zip off laptop bags are compliant across ALL the airlines for carry-on hand luggage. Cabin size, carry on, road-warrior tested, business suit approved luggage for zipping through travel.”(Gate8, n.d). Gate8’s objectives are to provide premium luggage to a nice market in business travellers, enabling them to avoid check in at airports whilst still been able to transport their suits crease free and their technology undamaged in a stylish cabin bag. Although Gate8 does not have set corporate objectives viewable for the public, it could be derived from an interview with founder Allister Callender in Easyspace magazine (2014) that growth is the main priority, by gaining more retailers in the domestic market to stock Gate8 products, while continuing the success of Gate8 pop ups at relevant conferences showcasing Gate8’s range with product demonstrations. Gate8 are also targeting growth of their international sales by setting up German and American websites enabling increased sales in these countries.

When conducting a situational analysis it is important to consider the internal factors that could affect Gate8 this can be done by conducting a portfolio analysis. This is done by assessing Gate8’s products, how they can be improved and developed. Gate8 provides three cabin bags and two accessories that are targeted at a very specific target market.
Gate8 Tri-Fold Garment mate is the companies top selling bag it has the capacity to carry clothes for 3 days (crease free), shoes and a 17 inch laptop. This product could be developed further by adding a leather option this would also fit into Gate8’s philosophy of supplying premium products to their customers. Two other bags complete Gate8’s bag line up the Gate8 cabin size Business mate which is designed to be an overnight bag for business travellers and the Gate8 cabin size Cabin mate which is specifically designed for short leisure trips. Both of these products could also be developed further by adding a leather version. Gate8 also has 2 accessories which are designed to complement their line of bags the Travel Currency wallet and GATE8 Micro Bag which can be used to pack up to 5 shirts and hold passports, keys and jewellery. Furthermore when analysing Gate8 internally we can use the 4Ps Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
2.1 Product
Gate8’s products are designed for the very specific purpose of been able to be taken on airplanes as cabin luggage. They take great pride in the fact